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How To Keep Stone Stairs Clean And Tidy?

In order to prevent slippage, the stone stairs are usually made with card slots and other processes. Generally there are the following types: 1. Inlaid copper bars; 2. Open non-slip groove; 3. Use singeing surface; 4. Use non-slip stickers.

These non-slip processes can easily make the surface of the stone hide dirt, which is also one of the headaches of stone stair steps maintenance. How to keep it clean and tidy? We will give some suggestions.

* Several tips for stone stairs care

Due to these characteristics of stone stair steps, special attention should be paid to several points such as anti-skid and anti-fouling during maintenance. Here are a few key points and techniques to share:

1. The choice of machinery: The maintenance of the stairs granite and marble is originally a professional machine called the stair crystal surface machine. But in actual use, this kind of machinery has certain problems. On the one hand, the stair machine is relatively heavy, and it is easy to hit the baffles and pillars on both sides during operation. And these places are often where the stairs are most distinctive and decorative. On the other hand, the stair machine can only process the surface of the board, but not the facade and lines. Therefore, we recommend using a portable polishing machine for processing, which is portable and easy for workers to control; secondly, it can also handle lines and facades.

2. The selection of maintenance materials must take into account the anti-skid maintenance of stairs. Do not use materials with high wax content, such as 2501, etc. After these materials are maintained, the granite and marble will become very slippery and it is very dangerous to use on stairs. It is recommended to use some high-density maintenance materials, such as the use of crystal face paste sealing technology, its high-density silicon dioxide component, a protective layer formed on the surface, anti-fouling, non-slip, super resistant to stepping, and frequently used in stairs Area is the best material.

At the same time, maintenance should not require that the bottom light of the stair stone is too high, as long as the surface is cleaned and dry, and then directly maintained on it, to prevent the high light from causing insecurity.

3. Focus on the side of the handrail. Because people are used to holding the handrail up and down, the use of the stairs on the side close to the handrail is the heaviest. Various problems such as scratches, abrasion, and breakage generally occur on this side. Therefore, you need to focus on this side during maintenance. During maintenance, crystallization or glaze sealing can be done several times on this side, which can offset the stone consumption caused by heavy use to a certain extent. Do it a few more times in the armrest area.

* Stone stairs antifouling skills

For the anti-skid treatment process on stone stair steps, we can also have the following skills to deal with:

1. For the rough surface stone: If the flamed surface is used in the stone stairs, the unevenness of the surface is easy to trap dirt and is difficult to clean. Therefore, it is recommended to use surface sealing film-forming stone protective agent, such as mercerized sealant. Brush the sealed film-type stone protective agent to the surface of the stone through the brush, which not only has the effect of anti-fouling and waterproof; it can also fill the unevenness of the rough surface, and the subsequent cleaning difficulty is greatly reduced.

2. For stairs with anti-slip grooves: anti-slip grooves are the easiest place to hide dirt and not easy to clean. The solution is still to use surface sealing film-forming protective agents, such as mercerizing sealants, to fill the grooves.

Step 1: clean the groove.

Step 2: First isolate the groove area with masking paper.

Step 3: Use a brush to apply a sufficient amount of mercerized sealant to the groove (you can apply more), and wait until the protective agent is dry and dry.

The advantage of mercerized sealant is anti-fouling and anti-slip, and the treated anti-slip groove can be clearly displayed, giving people a sense of psychological security.

PERFECT STONE - How To Keep Stone Stairs Clean And Tidy?

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PERFECT STONE - How To Keep Stone Stairs Clean And Tidy?

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