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How To Install Marble For Background Wall?

1. For background installation, first perform basic wall treatment. The basic wall must be cleaned without floating dust. It will be leveled and coated with a moisture-proof layer.

2. The keel is installed and fixed. For heavy marble slabs, the use of steel keel can reduce the impact of the stone slab on the wall and improve the overall seismic resistance. According to the plan, the wall should be drilled to bury the fixing parts, the keel welded to the wall fixing part, and the support frame is then welded to the keel. The keel should be installed firmly and flat with the wall.

3. Marble slab installation, the overall horizontal line and vertical control line must be pulled in the stone installation. The slab must be installed on the support frame. First fix the lower part of the marble slab, insert the support frame pendant, fine-tune the lock and then fix the upper part and side of the stone. At the end, the anchoring agent is used in the connection space to strengthen the plate.

4. The slab caulking process. After the marble slab is installed, the gap between the board and the board is glued. First, clean the dust and impurities in the gap, fill the gap with foam strips, and paste tape and anti-corrosion on the edge of the board. The glue contaminates the surface of the marble, and the glue seam is required to be smooth and smooth after glue.