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How To Install Culture Stone?

The construction of cultural stone is very different from the ordinary wall construction.

1、 Clean the wall surface and make rough surface. If it is low water absorption smooth surface such as plastic wood, wire mesh shall be laid and rough bottom surface shall be made. After full maintenance, the surface shall be paved.

2、 Before pasting rocks, be sure to arrange and match the rocks on the flat ground to get the best effect, and then pave them in the order of arrangement. Rocks of similar size, shape and color should not be adjacent.

3、 White cement above 425, ordinary cement (cement: Sand: 801, the ratio of glue is 1:2:0.05), ceramic adhesive (please pay attention to the instructions for the use of adhesive), high-performance special adhesive can be used as adhesive.

4、 The rock shall be fully wetted, and the adhesive shall be applied at the center of the rock bottom in the shape of a hill (the bottom of the brick can be coated with a thin layer of adhesive when the antique brick is pasted). If the surface is accidentally stained in a large area, it shall be cleaned with a brush in time before use.

5、 Stick the corner first. Fully press, so that the adhesive can be seen around the rock extrusion (some products do not need corner).

6、 If the construction needs, the rock can be cut to adjust.

7、 The deeper the gap, the better the three-dimensional effect of the product.

8、 After the initial setting of the joint sealer, remove the excess joint sealer with bamboo chips, and repair the surface of the joint with a water brush. If a small amount of joint sealer or adhesive is stuck on the rock surface, remove it with a brush after it is dry. Better. Some products do not need seam.

9、 When the rock is used outdoors, it can be sprayed with protective agent (waterproof, antifreeze, anti ultraviolet, anti alkali, etc.) after the product and sealant are completely dry.

10、 The requirements of joint treatment (1) irregular rock – the minimum joint circumference is about 10 mm, and the difference of irregular size is adjusted by joint filler.