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How To Care For Luxury Stone?

Luxury stone is the "Ferrari" in stone. With the rapid development of economy and the vigorous development of the stone industry, these precious stones have begun to "fly into the homes of ordinary people." We often say that Ferrari is not just a mechanical product, but a perfect fusion of human wisdom and art. As long as there are conditions, people hope to pursue better quality under the premise of satisfying functions. The same is true for luxury stone, which is an inevitable trend accompanying consumption upgrade. People are no longer satisfied with common marble varieties such as ordinary beige, white, and black. The luxury stone is a product of nature's extraordinary creativity, and a gem that human artists cannot imitate with exhaustive imagination. And every piece of luxury stone is almost unique. In view of its scarcity and artistry, we should pay more attention to luxury stones from installation, renovation, and routine maintenance than ordinary stones. In summary, the most important thing about the use of luxury stone is to follow the following core principles:

* Try to keep the original decorative effect of luxury stone.

* Try to avoid problems such as pollution and disease in the luxury stone.

* Try to extend the life of luxury stone.

Therefore, for luxury stone, we suggest that from mining to putting it into use, more details than general stone should be paid attention to in order to meet the above three principles.

1. Avoid external pollution

For example, during mining, attention should be paid to avoid the erosion of external pollutants, such as oil stains and rust on processing machinery, and should be avoided as much as possible. Avoid oily marks such as those written on general blocks. When the board is processed, transported, stacked, and installed, all kinds of external pollution should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Installation link

Regardless of whether luxury stone is used on the floor or wall, installation is a top priority. The installation is done well to avoid problems in subsequent use.

* Use adhesive instead of cement

For the installation of luxury stone, it is recommended to use adhesive instead of cement. Firstly, it can cure the problem of alkali reversion; secondly, the bonding strength of the adhesive is higher than that of cement, which can largely avoid the problem of hollowing. Use cement to bond, it is easy to absorb moisture and return alkali, and the board is easy to fall off, causing hollowing. Empty drum is very harmful to stone. 

* Have enough time to let the adhesive dry completely

After the luxury stone is bonded, you must leave enough time to let the adhesive behind it dry completely. Drying can avoid problems in subsequent use.

* Cutting seam repair glue is the core of the core

The seamless processing of luxury stone must be implemented in accordance with the highest standards. It is recommended to choose imported marble glue, transparent glue, high-quality crystal glue and other glues for seamless processing. But the rubber supplement of luxury stone is very distinctive. In our opinion, luxury stones are generally bright in color and unpredictable textures, which are different from ordinary plates, and the whole is uniform. How to make up the glue?

Our suggestion is: to treat the rubber replenishment of the luxury stone as the most important part, do not hesitate to time and cost, we must implement the most perfect effect as the standard.

* Protection link

The wall generally does not need to be protected.

If it is on the ground, those luxury stones that have a high degree of jade and crystallinity can not be protected. However, the luxury stone with high water absorption rate must be adequately protected. It is recommended to use the highest level of protection standards. For example, you can use a high-quality penetrating protective agent, or a better fluorine protective agent, to protect the luxury stone on the ground. The standard of protective painting is: sufficient, uniform, and long enough health time.

Good protective treatment is the best way to prevent stone pollution and pathological changes and prolong the service life.

3. Luxurious stone polishing is about maintaining the original appearance 

As mentioned earlier, the preciousness of extravagant stone lies in its unparalleled natural beauty. Maintaining its original ecology is the highest principle of luxury stone application.

Therefore, when polishing luxury stones, avoid using traditional crystalline materials such as powders and agents for polishing. The reason lies in the traditional crystalline materials, which are nothing more than chemical etching.

The best polishing method is to use sealing technology. 

PERFECT STONE - How To Care For Luxury Stone?

PERFECT STONE - How To Care For Luxury Stone?

PERFECT STONE - How To Care For Luxury Stone?PERFECT STONE - How To Care For Luxury Stone?