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How Is The Formation And Features Of White Marble?

The distribution of white marble mining areas is very distinctive. The main varieties in the world are distributed in several large mining areas with a radius of less than 20 square kilometers. There are a large number of mines in the same mining area, and the materials produced are similar and different.

There are three main mining areas in the world: Carrara in Italy, VOLAKAS in Greece, and Baoxing in China.

Carrara area is the world's most well-known and largest white marble mining area, mainly producing Calacatta White/Gold, Statuario White, Carrara White and other varieties. All mines are concentrated in a radius of about 15 square kilometers.

The VOLAKAS area of Greece mainly produces Ariston White, Volakas White, New Volakas White and other varieties. The mines are distributed within the range of 8KM*2KM.

The Baoxing area of China mainly produces Oriental white, Landscape Paintings White, Blue Sky White Jade, etc. The mines are distributed in an area of less than 10 square kilometers.

Formation process

White marble is formed by recrystallization of ordinary calcium carbonate/magnesium, and white is the natural color of calcium carbonate/magnesium. The driving force for recrystallization is mainly two: one is high temperature and the other is high pressure.

Metallogenic characteristics and ore-controlling factors

1. The main white marble mines in the world are recrystallized with high pressure as the main driving force. The three main mining areas mentioned above are all located in the lofty mountains and are the result of orogeny in geological history.

2. All stones are required to have sufficient flexural strength. If the original rock is only recrystallized under the action of high temperature, on the one hand, the crystallized particles may be relatively large, and the boundaries between the particles are very obvious, both of which will seriously reduce the flexural strength of the white marble.

For recrystallization with high pressure as the main driving force, the general crystallization environment is dynamic and unstable, the crystal particles formed are finer, and the boundaries between the crystals are distorted or ablated, and the white marble formed has better physical properties.

3. Mines that are exposed to metamorphism are generally small in scale, similar to jade mines, with limited reserves and cannot form world-renowned mining areas that can be mined for hundreds of years.

4. White marble generally has very beautiful decorative patterns, which are easier to form under high pressure. With the increase of pressure, the impurities in the original will be aligned in parallel, forming a beautiful pattern.