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Do You Like Sahara Noir Marble?

[Product features]: Laurent black, hard texture, not easy to damage, fine and elegant texture, very low water absorption, not easy to be polluted, suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized project decoration, paving on the hotel lobby, wall, aisle, floor , Countertops, etc. are particularly noble and elegant. It is a rare stone boutique and an indispensable material for home decoration and hotel decoration. 

[Scope of application]: TV background, restaurant background, sofa background, theme wall, entrance, stairwell background, etc.; Commercial space: hotel lobby background wall, passage background, guest room background, office background, apartment background wall, commercial office building background , Senior leisure club background, entertainment bar background, beauty salon background, tea house background, high-end counter background, corporate image wall; architectural decoration, garden decoration, outdoor sculpture, etc.

The smooth surface is pure black like chocolate, it can be a mirror reflection like gloss, accompanied by the pure white roots and traces of gold thread, the three colors of black and white gold contain auspicious, brilliant, graceful and other Chinese elements, decoration In the interior, it highlights the elegance and nobility of the Chinese style, with a touch of mystery, like a chocolate-like mellow, just like the traditional Chinese culture version is thick and steady, Lauren Black Gold is like a "Chinese face" that has accumulated five thousand years of Chinese culture. People always look up to its nobleness.