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Do You Know Obama Wood Marble?

Wood grain marble is not uncommon in the market, but do you know Obama wood grain? Obama wood grain is a classic imported wood grain marble. Its characteristic is marble with a strong coffee aroma, and its surface gloss is high, which can be said to be an excellent choice for fine marble decoration. Obama wood-grain marble has a tangent surface and an inverted surface. The tone is calm and majestic, high gloss, high-end elegance, and strong sense of decoration.

Marble is a natural product created by nature. Thousands of things in nature are alive. I think that wood-grain marble is not only a life, but also a marble with a story. The unique color and texture of the Obama wood grain seem to state its annual rings. "Every pattern tells the story of time."

The texture of Obama wood grain is close to that of wood. It is delicate and elegant. It is the preferred material for wall and floor. It is suitable for large-scale paving and decoration, and the whole decoration effect is full of natural flavor.