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Do You Know Azul Bahia Marble?

It is a blue background with a little white texture or wave-like surface. It is as vast as the vast sea, full of rivers and rivers, with tolerance but greatness, deep and stable, seemingly cold and not losing temperature. Philippine's natural marble-azul bahia marble.

Cloisonne is produced in the football kingdom "Brazil". Because of its low output, high gloss, well-proportioned surface, and rich in lapis lazuli, it is very valuable, and the price is extremely high. This is why it is comparable to housing prices. It can reach millions.

Among the colorful natural marbles, blue is the rarest and most precious in nature, and it is rare that it can be as quiet and charming as Jingtailian. Not only like the vast sea, but also like the starry sky at night, the deep blue night sky is hung with stars, quiet, beautiful, and mysterious, and people can't help but want to explore. This blue will calm our anxious mood and enjoy the fun and arrangement of life.

Stairs are decorated in various ways, but are you surprised to use such a valuable cloisonne as the decoration of the stairs? The revolving stairs, coupled with the blue sea-like cloisonne, combined with the lighting, set off the natural texture of the cloisonne, which is transparent and bright. Such a dreamy staircase makes people want to "step on and touch".

Cloisonne is the supreme of the blue series. No matter you look at it from that angle, it is transparent and dazzling. It can penetrate your eyes and leave a deep impression on you. Needless to say that large areas are decorated with cloisonne, just a little embellishment can enhance the grade and style of the entire space, the texture is clearly visible, and it has a gentle and rich texture.

Natural stone is a product of nature, and its annual ring precipitation cannot be described by numbers. Blue and white are decorated with matching colors, but the color jump does not violate harmony at all. There is movement in stillness, and stillness in movement. The complementary structure creates a noble, elegant and artistic sense of picture. Like the vast sky, the starry sky is as transparent