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Calacatta Gold-Rolls Royce In The Stone Industry

The texture of each selected rare stone reveals a different natural atmosphere. What they convey in their texture is the traces of time that have gone through tens of thousands of years. They collect the essence of heaven and earth, and the inherent rareness makes it. Become the “white moonlight” of the architectural world, let everyone want to have it.


However, the mining and polishing of each precious stone requires a lot of manpower, material resources, and time, which greatly increases the value of the precious stone, which also discourages many lovers.

To live up to everyone who loves stone, Delifeng Home has always cherished and appreciates natural and rare stone, and has made some breakthrough attempts to reproduce the texture and texture of stone with technology and talents. Let such natural treasures become readily available.


Delifeng Home Furnishing’s new product Garda Fish Maw Gold in 2019 is based on the most exquisite and unique one among hundreds of stones in Tuscany. It uses imported equipment as technical blessings, and design talents as intellectual support to restore stone The transparent texture and texture show the form of rare stone in all directions, so that every consumer deserves to have this beauty from Italy.



Different texture stitching caters to different design schemes, highlighting the unique home furnishing personality. Garda fish maw gold is fully paved in the space. The bright and spacious pattern makes people suddenly enlightened. It refuses to be limited by any element, refines the minimalist essence and creates lightness. Luxury life style. The ingenious design makes the time of luxury stone free from the limitation of money and region, and the scenery is everywhere in the eye.

Stunning design


Often derived from the carving of nature


This is also the main source of inspiration for the design of Delifung’s large rock slab


Use rock slabs to capture natural precious stones


Let life live up to the grace of nature