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Breccia Oniciata Marble Slab – Give Your Home A Facelift

Breccia Oniciata is a well-known name for floor slabs. These slabs are produced in different designs, sizes, and shapes. In Italy, they are most often used in homes and public spaces such as schools and hospitals. Their unique beauty, durability, and cost-effectiveness make them highly popular amongst homeowners and interior designers. Breccia Oniciata Marble Slab is a beautiful flooring material that offers unparalleled durability combined with aesthetic appeal.

The marble slabs produced by Breccia Oncciata are extremely tough and durable. They can withstand wear and tear due to continuous exposure to harsh chemicals and liquids. The slabs are also very easy to clean; hence, they help increase the life expectancy of the marble flooring.

Breccia Oncciata Slab has a beautiful luster and a fine texture. It is also referred to as 'serpent marble'. The slab is quarried in northern Italy. In order to produce the slabs, pure diatomaceous earth (DE) is mixed with limestone, slate, and granite. The resulting slabs have superior resistance to scratches and stains and also look like polished marble.

Breccia Oncciata slabs are quarried in two distinct areas of Italy. One area is located in the town of Genoa and is used for the mass production of tiles. The slabs are mostly used in commercial settings; hence they tend to be darker in color than the inland slabs. The interior slabs are made in Brecciated Murano.

The unique feature of Brecciated Murano slabs is that they can be honed and polished at home. Marble polishing is a very tedious process and takes considerable time. However, by honing the slabs at home using marble polishers, you can improve the aesthetic appearance and durability of the flooring. In addition to making your floor beautiful, the marble polishers also make it resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Breccia Oncciata marble slabs can be purchased from online stores at affordable rates. You should buy them from an online store that sells genuine Breccia Oncciata marble slabs.

Breccia Oncciata flooring material is extensively used in floors and wall tiling. It is a durable material that enhances the elegance of homes. The price of the slabs depends upon the colors chosen and the size of the slabs. Hence, you should shop around for the best price.

There are many online sellers who offer quality Brecciia Oncciata marble slabs at affordable rates. You should check out the quality of the slabs before making a purchase. Marble flooring material has the potential to become the most popular choice among homeowners. You should take out time to select the slabs that suit your taste and the color scheme of your house. You should also consider the traffic pattern in your locality so that you can choose the slabs without any hassle.

Breccia Oncciata marble flooring can be installed in any room where there is insufficient space. You should use smaller slabs to reduce the visual appearance of the floor. These slabs are available in different colors like blue, black, yellow, brown, cream, and white. It can also be combined with marble tiles and other flooring materials. You should also consider the traffic patterns in your locality so that you can choose the slabs without any hassle. You can choose a flooring material that can withstand high traffic to give your home a new look.